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Exclusive Project

In Northern Cyprus

Discover unparalleled luxury and exclusivity in our exceptional construction project nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Cyprus. Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication, where meticulous craftsmanship meets modern elegance. Explore uniquely designed residences set against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty, offering a lifestyle of opulence and tranquility. Elevate your living experience with this exclusive opportunity to own a masterpiece in Northern Cyprus, where every detail is a testament to refined taste and architectural excellence.

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Facility Centre

Relaxing dip

Jacuzzi's nestled in the ravine 

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Communal Swimming Pool 

Business Partners at Work

Business Centre 

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Home Control App

Smart Home System 

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Exclusive Project
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A Trusted Brand

Established Reputation:

Century 21 is a trusted and recognized brand with over 45 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Knowledgeable Agents

Century 21 Island agents are highly trained and possess extensive knowledge of the local market, offering valuable insights and guidance.

Putting You First

Century 21 Island prioritizes client satisfaction, providing personalized attention, clear communication, and transparent information throughout the process.

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Northern Cyprus Real Estate:

Your Gateway to High Returns and a Thriving Market

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High Investment Return

Northern Cyprus presents a prime opportunity for high real estate investment returns. With its growing tourism industry, affordable property prices, investor-friendly policies, and ongoing development, the region offers a promising chance for long-term profitability.

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Annual Value Increase

In Northern Cyprus, investors can expect significant annual value increases in the real estate market. With its growing popularity as a tourist destination, the demand for properties is on the rise.

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Why People Choose

to Call it Home

People are flocking to Northern Cyprus for its serene lifestyle, affordable cost of living, and rich cultural diversity. With a growing economy, excellent education opportunities, and favorable taxation, it's no wonder why more individuals are choosing to call Northern Cyprus their home.


"Working with Century 21 Island was a fantastic experience! Their team truly understood what I was looking for in a home. They were attentive, responsive, and made the whole process smooth and enjoyable. I couldn't be happier with my new home, and I highly recommend Century 21 Island for their exceptional service."

Emily Thompson

"I am thrilled with the exceptional results I achieved by investing in a property in Northern Cyprus with the help of Century 21 Island. I purchased the property just last year, and I recently sold it with a remarkable profit. The guidance and expertise provided by Century 21 Island were instrumental in making this venture successful. They navigated the market with finesse, ensuring I made informed decisions every step of the way."

James Wilson

"Century 21 Island made my investment in Northern Cyprus truly profitable. With their guidance, I purchased a property and turned it into a successful rental. The steady stream of tourists in the region allowed me to earn impressive returns on my investment. I'm grateful for their expertise and highly recommend Century 21 Island for anyone looking to maximize their profits through rental properties."

Samantha Davis

Why Invest in this Project?

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Fast Return on Investment

Unlock swift returns on investment with our cutting-edge project. Experience a fast and lucrative ROI as we redefine success in the world of real estate. Don't miss the opportunity to maximize your financial gains with our high-yield, forward-thinking investment venture.

Great Location

Discover the epitome of convenience and natural beauty in our exclusive construction project located in the heart of Mersinlik, Northern Cyprus. Embrace a lifestyle where great investments meet a superb location, offering unparalleled accessibility and stunning surroundings.

Exclusive Project

Elevate your lifestyle with our exclusive residences, meticulously designed for those who appreciate unparalleled luxury and distinction. Join a community of like-minded individuals in a project crafted with your exclusivity in mind.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Century 21 Island, our strength lies in diversity, with a dynamic team proficient in Turkish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Persian. This multicultural blend ensures that our clients receive personalized and effective real estate services. Our team's linguistic versatility not only facilitates seamless communication but also reflects our commitment to serving a global clientele. Trust Century 21 Island for a transcultural real estate experience where language is no barrier, and your property needs are expertly understood and met."



Uğur Mumcu Bulv. Ali Naşit Sk. No: 28/C Karakum, Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

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